Formula 1 2021 | Barcelona 2021 test schedule, times and program
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F1 2021 | Barcelona 2021 test schedule, times and program

As soon as the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship is over, it is time to enjoy some well-deserved, rightly earned rest. However, let’s not forget that at the beginning of March Formula 1 returns to the track in Barcelona to carry out the pre-season tests that will kick off the 2021 (here the probable line-up) season, here you can see the countdown. The dates, which you find next to the countdown, are now probably defined, the only uncertainty that remains is that of the times even if presumably you can run on the track from 9:00 to 18:00 with a lunch break in the middle.

Only 3 days before the real start of the season in March in Australia, the reason for such a reduced amount of days is to be found in the calendar: Formula 1 aims to 23 races next year and therefore for economic and organizational reasons it was decided to reduce the test days available to the teams (whose registration fees can be found here).

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