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A few minutes ago the news of Hamilton’s replacement at the Bahrain GP.

Yesterday we brought you the news of the positivity of the 6-time world champion Lewis Hamilton to COVID-19.

Before the official news, the team from the three-pointed star had a lot of discussions with Williams, finally reaching an agreement.

Today, with a press release, Mercedes announced that the young Williams driver George Russel will take the place of the British driver in the next Grand Prix.

In turn, George Russell will be replaced by Williams’ reserve Jack Aitcken.

Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Williams for giving me this opportunity. I could wear a different racing suit this weekend, but I’m a Williams driver and I will cheer my team every step of the way“.

I see this as a great opportunity to learn from the best team on the grid right now and to come back as an improved driver, with even more energy and experience to help push Williams further up the grid. A big thank you also to Mercedes for having placed their trust in me“.

Obviously no one can replace Lewis, but I will give my all for the team in his absence from the moment I get in the car. Above all, I wish him a speedy recovery. I am looking forward to the opportunity and looking forward to get on track this week“.

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