Formula 1 2021 | Hamilton? He's just a show, nothing more bernie ecclestone
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F1 | Hamilton? He’s just a show, nothing more

Bernie Ecclestone has spoken very strongly about the seven-time World Champion’s failure to renew at Mercedes, if he is certain that the Formula 1 season will start in Bahrain in March, in about two months, it is not so certain that Lewis Hamilton will take part in it, nor is it obvious that he will participate as a Mercedes driver.

“He’s all a show”! It is useful, especially for Lewis, to remain the center of attention in these sad weeks “.

Bernie said. Certainly the fact of having recently won the seventh world title and of continuing to remain under the watchful eye of all increases the fame of the Brit who asks for an exorbitant and scandalous sum to say the least (about 50 million) to continue racing with a It is true that Lewis has made a team grow, but let’s not forget the team continues to provide him with a car that can match the first position.

Appassionato dei motori sin da prima che fossero inventati. Ho creato perchè non sapevo come impegnare il tempo libero e ora che il gruppo si è ampliato continuiamo a pubblicare con costanza ed impegno. Accreditato giornalista in Formula E, F2 e F3 e presto, almeno si spera, anche in Formula 1; cosí da potervi portare contenuti ancora più interessanti!