Formula 1 | Hamilton "I was lucky, but it won't happen again"
2021 Bahrain Grand Prix, Sunday - LAT Images

F1 | Hamilton “I was lucky, but it won’t happen again”

The British Lewis Hamilton won the first Grand Prix of the 2021 Formula 1 season by a whisker from the end, but in a comment released to the press he must have realized that he was all in all lucky in the final (while acknowledging his skill that he finished about 17 seconds ahead of his teammate (in theory 37 but Bottas made one more pit stop).

“This race was definitely a blessing. I think there are always ways to prove people wrong. This was an example of this, and I hope there will be many more opportunities in the future to show what I can do. I was lucky that Max went out of bounds of the track in turn 4, but that won’t happen again, I’m sure. We just have to do better and be smarter when we don’t have the fastest car. But that’s okay with me: I don’t mind having to push harder to compensate for some limitations of the car ”.

What is certain is that the string of occasions in which Sir Hamilton was kissed by the goddess of fortune is even longer (just to remember one, last year he won at Silverstone by puncturing a tire with 2 laps to go).



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