Formula 1 | Ferrari takes an exorbitant amount of money
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Helmut Marko, owner of the Red Bull F1 Team, talked about the situation of Ferrari last year and this new year, here is what he said:

“La Rossa has developed a lot in terms of engine. This is what they tell me. I think they have put a shocking 2020 behind them, 50 horsepower was missing from all the Maranello engines. Now they have gained confidence with this new engine, at least I think so. “

“And then the relationship with Vettel was winding down, this affected the management of the team. I think they can certainly compete for third place with McLaren and Aston Martin “.

While on the newcomer Aston Martin he concluded:

“I repeat, Aston Martin will not go beyond third place. Last year the gap with us was too great and having signed Vettel, important as it is, is not enough. I don’t think it can be filled in one season, also because it concerns the structure of the team. And then, to fight seriously in a World Championship, everything must go well for you, from development to every single pit stop. I don’t see Aston Martin ready for this level yet. “

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