2020 Turkish Grand Prix, Sunday - LAT Images


It has not been the case for a long time that a driver as famous and well-known as Lewis Hamilton, did not sign the contract for the following year so late.

There are many rumors, ideas and hypotheses too, it is not yet known what will happen. In fact, we all know that he will never abandon Mercedes so blankly. There’s a slight chance he won’t sign the contract, but it’s a long way off.

Lewis’s father also comments:

“As far as I know, he’ll keep running. He loves racing and loves what he does. Now he’s an authoritative voice in the sports world, and it’s a fantastic thing, but as far as I know, he’s going to continue. I spoke to him yesterday for the last time, and he’s definitely going to keep running.”

“But he doesn’t run for trophies, but runs because he loves what he does and loves to be an inspiration to others. At the moment his successes are inspiring kids who have a dream they want to achieve.”

While Toto says: “I’m not scared at all, I’ll always respect Lewis’ decisions. Whether they are staying with us for a long time or leading to leaving the sport and pursuing different interests. I think we need to be ready for every scenario that comes up for Mercedes.”

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