Formula 1 | Not all drivers can take the trophy home, not even Perez
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F1 | Perez CANNOT take the trophy home!

What we are about to tell you is incredible, at the end of the Sahkir Grand Prix, which saw Sergio Perez triumph in an unexpected way, the Mexican discovered that he could not bring home his trophy. The cup that the Formula 1 driver raised on the podium from the top of the first step will in fact go to the Racing Point team. In fact, due to the contracts, not all drivers are allowed to keep the trophy as a winner and Perez, Stroll and Ocon are among them.

The discovery came at the end of last night’s press conference when Perez asked, amazed, what those mini trophies at their feet were, the organizers’ response was shocking “these are the replica circuit trophies (the ones you are authorized to take you home ed) “. At the feet of the drivers you can see the tiny trophies that can be kept, while those brought to the podium will go to the Scuderia.

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Here is the trophy that the Scuderia will take home:

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