GP DELL’EMILIA ROMAGNA F1/2021 - DOMENICA 18/04/2021 credit: @Scuderia Ferrari Press Office


After months that Stefano Domenicali had considered adding the “sptint race” already present in formula 2 to the formula 1 format, we finally reached the verdict. In fact, in the last few days it was officially announced that the new format will be tested in 3 races of the Formula 1 2021 calendar.

The mechanism is as follows:

The first free practice session will be held on Friday morning (it will last 1 hour), while the classic qualifying session will take place in the afternoon, therefore with the same format: Q1, Q1, Q3. The starting grid will be taken into account for the first race. Free practice 3 will take place on Saturday morning, also 60 minutes long. The afternoon will proceed with the “Sprint Qualifying”, which takes place with the same regulations as the races, but will consist of 100km of circuit, to be carried out without the obligation of a pit stop.

The order of arrival will determine the starting grid for Sunday afternoon’s race. Obviously, from before Friday’s qualifying, the teams will no longer be able to modify the car, except for small corrections, so the so-called “Parc Fermé” will start and will last until the end of the race weekend.

It must also be said that the top three finishers of the Saturday race will receive 1 point, 2 points and 3 points for the winner.

The format has been revised compared to what is already present in formula 2, in this way you do not go to lose what is in the DNA of Formula 1, or who is the fastest is the winner, in fact there will be no grid reversals as happens in the minor category.

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