F1 | Sprint Race: trash or revolution? Marko responds to Hulkenberg
NORTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 24:Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images for Red Bull Racing) // Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

F1 | Sprint Race: trash or revolution? Marko responds to Hulkenberg

On the one hand, the Red Bull home number one, on the other a former Formula 1 driver who in 2020 had the opportunity to do a lot due to the absence of some of his colleagues due to the isolation imposed by health regulations. Hulkenberg has become Austrian television commentator regarding the Formula 1 section, (a bit like Sky Sport’s Valsecchi who was Formula 2 champion), and certainly the German has become much drier in the statements he makes:

“Teams and producers make investments of millions and millions of euros. Teams have thousands of people involved and then what do you do? You propose such a thing to them. Sprint races are rubbish, so many unpredictable things can happen to you, I simply believe. that are not at all suitable for Formula 1 “.

Very risky idea considering that the same thing has been experienced in Formula 2, the younger sister of Formula 1, for a long time and things have always worked, indeed, even better than Formula 1 given and considered the boring and deleterious Mercedes domination of recent years, with all the respect that can be nurtured for the engineers of the Stuttgart company, unfortunately it is the observation of a situation that has been in place for a long, long time. Following Hulkenberg’s reasoning, then the DRS would also be unfair as it benefits the car in the queue, and on this basis Marko himself decided to reply dryly:

“If you look at it realistically, most of the races in recent years have been very boring. So we have to do something. That is why we are in favor of this project. If you criticize its artificiality, then you don’t understand why there is no similar criticism of the DRS. The Drag Reduction System did not have the desired effect and, in my opinion, is much more artificial than a sprint race. “

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