It was already last year when rumors began to presuppose the introduction of the “sprint race” also in formula 1.

Now finally the proposal has been made official and all that remains is to vote and decide if it will be done already in 2021, for now the dates in which the sprint race will be tested will be only 3. It will start from the Montreal Grand Prix, and then move on to Monza and then Interlagos. Nothing is certain, we have to see if the vote will be successful, otherwise we will have to wait a little longer.

Stefano Domenicali is already doing a lot of good, we hope that his ideas will be supported by many, he is doing everything possible to try to improve this sport since he has been in “command”.

How and when will these competitions take place? The idea is to leave only one free practice session on Friday morning, in the afternoon there would be qualifying that will decide the starting grid of the Sprint race. The latter will define the starting positions of the actual race. The race would take place without the obligation of a pit stop and the distance to be covered would be “only” 100km.

The votes needed for this to become a reality must be 28 out of 30, which are by no means few.

We hope everything is fine, so that the smaller teams can earn some points, given that the top 8 classified will earn something, which will be worth both in the drivers and constructors’ standings. All this will also bring even more show into F1 which is never bad, we just have to wait and see what will be decided.

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