Formula 1 | The Red Bull wall and the Lewis Hamilton scandal
2021 Bahrain Grand Prix, Sunday - LAT Images

F1 | The Red Bull wall and the Lewis Hamilton scandal

Last weekend the first round of the Formula 1 world championship ended and, as always, there was no lack of controversy, this time however it is right to ask at least a couple of questions to bend what happened regarding the track limits because Lewis has really gone beyond . Hamilton during the 55 laps that make up the Bahrain Grand Prix (55 and not 56 due to the 2 training laps) has overstepped the track limits in corners four 29 times, which means that for almost 53% of the race Hamilton does not respected the limits of the track imposed.

Is it his fault or the fault of the FIA?

Certainly the commissioners should have given clearer explanations on the matter, as is always the case, the FIA ​​is to be held responsible for many problems that afflict the most recent Formula 1 Grand Prix. The fact is that by not receiving any warning (white-black flag or similar) Hamilton, feeling legitimated, decided to continue to exploit the track beyond the allowed.