2020 Spanish Grand Prix, Sunday - LAT Images


Lewis Hamilton has finally signed the contract with the Stuttgart team, but only for one year, this will mean that already in 2022 both drivers of the silver arrows will not have a guaranteed place. An opportunity certainly not to be missed, perhaps for drivers like Max Verstappen who would have the opportunity to drive a car that is certainly very performing. It is certainly not certain that both Bottas and Hamilton will leave the team, but we will have to be very careful, especially with the change of regulations next year.

Surely George Russel will be close to joining Mercedes, he has proven to be very skilled in driving and his performances prove it. Maybe Max will be with him, the goal could be to eliminate the competition at least from Red Bull. Christian Horner confirmed all this in an interview a few days ago, stating:

“I’m sure that if Lewis decides to stop, Max will naturally be the driver at the top of the Mercedes list, they also have George Russell and other drivers at their disposal. Of course there is an element of performance clauses in Max’s contract.

But as with all of these things, it’s not about forcing a rider who doesn’t want to be there. It’s more about relationships than contracts, and in my experience you only pull a contract out of the drawer when you have a problem. The relationship with Max is very strong. He believes in the project, in what we are doing, and he sees the investment that Red Bull is making “.

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