F1 | Vettel vs perez. Who's the best?
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F1 | Vettel vs perez. Who’s the best?

The pre-season tests in Bahrain have just ended and, as you can see on your right in our special menu, next week the Formula 1 and Formula 2 season will start again. owes the 10 teams that will compete for the front row. In the meantime we have focused on a particularly interesting challenge: Perez-Vettel, who will win? Who will prove they live up to the dark green seat?

The technical director of Aston Martin, perhaps in a little bit clever move, has already declared that according to him the “best” is Perez thanks to his more bold and aggressive style, very different from the more “conservative” driving style of Seb Vettel. Perez’s response was not long in coming, while the German preferred not to reply.

I think my driving style has helped us a lot in the past. In any case, I am aware and open to the fact that there is always something to learn every year and that I can become a more complete rider in terms of driving style.”

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