F2 | Juan Manuel CORREA, The 17-Hour Leg Intervention Has Been SUCCESSFULL!

F2, after the very serious accident at the Belgian GP and the long hospitalization in intensive care, Juan Manuel Correa underwent a 17-hour intervention for the reconstruction of the right leg, which was successful.
Sunday, September 29th, Juan Manuel Correa underwent an already planned operation to rebuild his lower right extremity. After 17 hours in the operating room, the twenty-year-old came out with hopeful reports from the doctors, who announced that the operation was successful.
The days following the operation were very stressful, but it is as if it were considered a success in the operating room, the subsequent 48-72 hours were crucial for the final outcome of the surgical procedure. Today, more than 72 hours later, the doctors are confident that the procedure has been successful, while Juan Manuel is still under careful observation.
How did the Ecuadorian pilot go, what is his prognosis?
During the surgery, the doctors were forced to remove more bone material than expected and solve several blood vessel problems, but say that the main goal of the intervention was achieved. Juan Manuel currently remains in a London hospital and a less complex intervention is planned to take place in two weeks. Doctors think that Juan Manuel will be able to leave the hospital in about six weeks, thus starting on the road to recovery.
Next year will be full of physical therapy, rehabilitation and corrective interventions with the aim of regaining full use of the right foot and ankle.
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