Formula 1 2021 | Leak from the FIA: Australian GP on November 21st
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During this winter break there was much talk about the future of Formula 1.

The cars are very similar to those of 2020, this is due to the lack of a more serious regulation change.
Instead, there was no particular attention and the teams found themselves having to reuse the 2020 car, with some modifications certainly, but nothing that will be able to shift the balance and remove Mercedes domination.
We have collected 5 points relating to the 2021 regulation:

1.The teams have the same chassis and therefore the aerodynamics do not change much, consequently the production costs have dropped a lot and consequently also the work necessary to think about the 2021 car.
Fortunately, practically all the aerodynamic components can be modified freely and in addition to this some specific points have been removed that will make the cars slower.
The bottom was cut in front of the rear tires with other small parts, some small rear brake lugs need to be shorter, Along with some parts of the diffuser.
All this leads to slower cars, some say even a second per lap.
They are such small components that if you make a little mistake in the design then you will be far behind in the standings, but if you do well you will certainly see the results on the other teams.

2. The pre-season testing will take place for just 3 days in Bahrain so you will have very little time to fine-tune the car.
This means that if the smaller teams suffer a lot from the imperfect design phase, there won’t be many opportunities to recover!

3. As Friday practice has gone from 90 minutes to an hour, the teams will have much less time to test new components, practically it will go a lot to the skill of the engineers this 2021 championship, because a series of errors and it is finished, while a series of successes in the aerodynamic field will certainly bring enormous advantages.
And despite all this, the FIA ​​has imposed that it will no longer be possible to work on the power unit during the course of the year, as the engines have already been “frozen”.
The substantial change of rules at the end of 2021 will also greatly affect and therefore this will surely lead to my teams soon finish developing the 2021 car to focus on 2022. In fact there will be even more limitations in the design and testing phase so it will be important to work well already from this year.

We interrupt you here because Sunday 7th February we will publish the next two points, stay connected and don’t miss them!

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