il divertente siparietto delle conferenze stampa di formula 1
NORTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - JULY 16: Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images) // Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

F1 | The funny curtain of the Formula 1 press conferences

The Formula 1 press conferences, at least theoretically, should be a moment of seriousness for the journalists who attend and to be able to ask some relevant questions about the weekend to the drivers who are present. Often, however, the aforementioned are transformed into really funny curtains that seem to be on the verge of credibility. Over the years there have been several occasions in which pilots and / or journalists have become the protagonists of memorable situations that have remained indelibly etched in the minds of those who have had the privilege of assisting.

The episode of Abu Dhabi 2014 became famous when a journalist asked what is now remembered as “the longest question ever asked in a press conference”. The gentleman asked:

Gentlemen, a short view back to the past. Thirty years ago, Niki Lauda told us: ‘Take a trained monkey, put it in the cockpit and he will be able to drive the car’. Thirty years later Sebastian told us: ‘I had to start my car like a computer. It’s very complicated’. And Nico Rosbeg said, uh, he pressed during the race, I don’t remember which race, the wrong button on the steering wheel. Question for both. Driving Formula 1 today is too complicated with 20 or more buttons on the steering wheel, are you under too much strain, under pressure? What are your wishes for the future, regarding the technical program, errrm, during the race? Fewer buttons, more? Or less and less communication with your engineers. “

Last year Sergio Perez managed to triumph in the GP that according to everyone George Russell should have won on Mercedes (Lewis was knocked out for contracting the virus). On that occasion, at the end of the GP, Perez realized during the press conference that the trophy he had raised on the podium was not the one he could take home; on that occasion things worked a bit like for the World Cup, for the highest recognition of FIFA there are in fact two copies: the first and original is the one that is raised to the sky at the moment of victory, while the second is the one that it remains forever with the winning teams of an edition and which bears the place and date of the won tournament engraved. Similarly, Perez had the honor of raising a truly noteworthy trophy to the sky, but what he was able to take home to keep it on the shelf was a mere reproduction at least 3 times smaller than the original! All his amazement came out at the press conference.

Hey, just one question, what are these trophies?” – Perez asks puzzled not understanding the situation – “well they are the reruns of the circuit” – replies Tom, the Formula 1 interviewer – “Noooooooo” is heard exclaiming from Perez while a voice in front of him reflects in a witty way “they are much more little of the originals! “


F1 | Perez CANNOT take the trophy home!

The last episode, so far, is a few days ago when to celebrate Fernando Alonso’s 40th birthday Sebastian Vettel decided to bring one of those accessories that are used for surprise parties and that allows you to shoot confetti in the head to the birthday boy. Everything is ready for the party, except that Seb made a mistake in opening the package by putting all the confetti on the floor instead of on Fernando’s head.


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